Friday, 31 October 2014

Claire Craig- Dementia, Creativity and Connectivity 29th October 2014

Dr. Claire Craig is a qualified occupational therapist with a particular interest in the potential of creativity and creative approaches to promote communication and self-esteem for people with dementia. She currently works as a lecturer in occupational therapy and as a senior researcher in Lab4Living, an interprofessional research centre that brings together researchers in design, fine art and health, engaging in research with individuals and services to drive innovation and develop products in healthcare service design and delivery.

 In this evenings talk Claire will explore the role that the arts and design can play in promoting well-being for individuals living with dementia. She will also use it as an opportunity to describe some of the work that she has very recently been involved in.

If you want to find out more about Lab4Living go to:

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Joe Sempik-What a Fantastic First SHOUT event of the season THANKS JOE!

Connie introduces our first SHOUT talk of the season
After thinking that no-one would turn out for our first SHOUT event as the first biggest storm of the autumn seemed to be pounding at our doorstep; we nonetheless ended up having a fantastically well attended event. A variety of people from all sorts of different organisations attended, including representation from the local Sheffield therapeutic gardening group SAGE green fingers.

Joe talked about many of the different benefits and ways in which therapeutic gardening can impact upon social behaviour, defining its use as a ‘structured and beneficial intervention’ quite separate from leisure or domestic gardening. He acknowledged that although he himself is not an OT having in fact a pharmaceutical background, therapeutic gardening can be seen to draw on many OT models and frameworks.

Joe gave us a tour projects that he had been involved in and some other therapeutic gardens which enabled us to see how what we would consider the ordinary everyday make-up of the garden could be used to facilitate recovery. An ordinary garden path for example could be used to represent progression, a journey or a story of some kind.

We were shown one of Joe's recent research projects carried out by the charity THRIVE,  assessing the impact of horticultural therapy on various aspects of an individual’s functioning such as communication, social interaction, motivation, engagement and fine motor skills. To measure these Joe used INSIGHT which provides a single score for each aspect of functioning that was being measured, and Joe explained how this was carried out. 

The results of the study showed that there was a significant improvement in the areas of social interaction, motivation and task engagement when individuals were assessed at 12 months; however this effect began to 'fade' after this time with individuals scores reducing in this area.

After a comfort break, and a chance for the attendees to mingle and chat with each other, Joe took questions based on his talk. The audience were interested in what could potentially cause this fading in the skills that individuals were developing as a result of the horticultural therapy and Joe explained that it could be due to a variety of factors. One of these was the impact of individuals leaving the therapy programme once they were ready, leaving those with the lower scores on measurements of functioning still in the programme, this lead to a discussion about research methods.

This was a brilliant way to begin this academic year of SHOUT events, we have received some fantastic feedback about the talk and we would like to thank Joe for his time. We are now excited for our next talk, though hopefully the weather will have improved and no one will be battling high wind and rain to attend!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Joe Sempik - Social and Therapeutic Horticulture: Measuring it effects on Social behaviour

Welcome back to SHOUT and our 2014/2015 programme. For our first session we will be hearing from Joe Sempik, a senior sociology researcher from Nottingham University. He will be talking to us about the effects of Horticultural initiatives on social behaviour.  Joe initially qualified as a pharmacologist, more recently completing a Masters in Environmental Management and moving into sociology research, specifically around the therapeutic benefits of horticulture or ‘green care’ on well-being .  He is an accomplished speaker and researcher and has published many articles on the topic and spoken at many different conferences including the Cumbrian OT graduate conference as the keynote speaker and for the Thrive conference, the UK charity for horticultural therapy amongst a few.  

Occupational Therapists have long since been aware of the therapeutic benefits of gardening with many Mental Health settings having therapeutic gardens and/ or allotments for use with their clients. Sheffield is  lucky to have facilities such as SAGE  greenfingers in Burngreave
  that works with adults to promote Mental and emotional well-bring  and Heeley City Farm a social enterprise that offers employment training for adults through the use of horticultural interventions.  Further to this, many of the local hospitals have their own gardens which are used for interventions with clients to promote well-being.  Culturally, with austerity and spend-thrift measures becoming more common place, a rise in the interest and popularity of creative interventions such as crafts and gardening is spreading and with this a recognition of the additional benefits to well-being is again being acknowledged.

With the likelihood of usage of horticultural therapy in practice therefore we believe this event will equip you with the knowledge and background to be able to explain and justify the usage of horticultural interventions and gain a more in depth understanding of their effects on social behaviour.  Joe will use his experience from being the chair of the international working group on the health benefits of ‘Green Care’ as part of the European Science Foundation’s COST Action 866, and his extensive years in research into the well-being of Children and vulnerable adults to explain and disseminate the links between horticulture and well-being to bring to you a both informative and insightful talk on the topic.  Please join us for this likely sell-out event! 

For tickets email to reserve your place £2 students/ BAOT members £3 non members. ALL WELCOME! 

Friday, 29 August 2014


                          LAUNCH OF THE NEW PROGRAMME OF EVENTS 2014-15

Check out below the new SHOUT programme. We have some really exciting speakers and are predicting these are going to be really popular events. Why not pre-order your ticket at ?

We look forward to some interesting debate and discussion.

Monday, 25 August 2014

SHOUT at Conference 2014

SHOUT at the BAOT National Conference..... but where were all the men? 

 Were you there? Did you see us? How could you miss us? Our green t-shirts stood out a mile (well we felt like that when we were wearing them). Whilst having breakfast at the American Diner on our way to the first day of the conference we were even tweeted about.  We definitely felt like we didn’t need to SHOUT about our arrival that’s for sure. 

The annual BAOT conference for all OTs and students held a veritable plethora of new inventions, new ideas, challenges and paths for all to debate, peruse, think about and traverse. As a student myself still I felt overwhelmed and inspired by the vast amount of opportunities available in every available area.

Many of us attended a wide variety of presentations of interest and even helped out in presenting (anyone attend Collette Beechers 'Teaching Neuro the OT way?') and submitted posters that gained commendations (see Gillian Smiths’ 'Occupational Science and knitting poster').  The students in SHOUT did us proud! 

Shout meets Jennifer Creek or Jennifer Creek meets SHOUT?

SHOUT also networked with the ‘stars’ of OT including such big names as Anita Atwal Senior Lecturer of Brunel University particularly noteworthy as having just personally read front to back and back to front her book ‘Occupational Therapy and Older people’ for Claire Craig’s module Ageing and Occupation. We also chatted with the other star of OT  Jennifer Creek  whom I feel humoured our student exuberance at her presence and discussed her latest research with us which felt an honour.

An overall memory of the conference was the stark lack of male presence in attendance which struck me a hugely sad, as a ‘mild’ feminist, and someone whom believes in equality of the sexes this was I felt a real loss.  Female domination of thought could stand us at a disadvantage when carving out new and emerging roles for the profession, (which appears to be a major future projection) particularly gaining insight into working with emerging spheres that may be more traditionally male dominated. 

Finally, I would definitely attend Conference again, SHOUT had an absolutely amazing time and hopefully we will get the opportunity to attend again and promote OT and the work that we do at SHOUT to help promote the profession.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Design & Dementia Workshop with Claire Craig - Sheffield Design Week

Design & Dementia Workshop – Not to be missed!

Join the wonderful Claire Craig for a workshop about design & dementia for Sheffield Design Week on Thursday 26th June 2014 at 1.30pm, Sheffield Hallam University.

Claire will be looking at the role design plays in enabling people to live well with dementia - this ranges from design of the built environment, through to the design of products, ways that public art can enable people to navigate spaces and also some of the exciting initiatives that have been occurring around the use of cultural spaces (museums and galleries) in facilitating community connectedness.

It will be hands on, experiential and an excellent learning opportunity for student OTs & clinicians. Come along !

Book Here:

Thursday 26th June

Venue: Owen Building, Sheffield Hallam University

Time: 13.30 – 16.00


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Don't miss our final event of the season! on Wednesday 14th May


"The role of occupational therapy in the treatment of brachial plexus injury including links into statutory and private sector services"

with speakersNicki Noden and Sarah Rodgers

A little about our speakers: 
Nicki trained as an occupational therapist in Derby and has work in Sheffield since qualifying in 1984 she has been involved over several years in the development of hand therapy services in Sheffield. Throughout her career Nicki has specialised in the assessment and treatment of upper limb trauma including prosthetic training of upper limb amputees. In 2006 she completed an MSc in Hand Therapy with her dissertation focusing on chronic regional pain syndrome. Nicki has contributed to the critiquing of publications submitted to the British Association of Hand Therapy Journal and has had her own work published. Currently Nicki is team leader for the burns plastic and orthopaedic service in the NHS.

Sarah qualified in 1998 from St. Martin’s University College in Lancaster. After graduating Sarah worked in Nottingham at the Queens Medical Centre where she competed a mixed rotation. For the last 13 years Sarah has worked for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and her main focus has been the treatment of individuals who have sustained complex trauma.  Sarah currently holds a clinical specialist position in fracture bracing and splinting, and is undertaking a service review pertaining to the conservative management of mallet finger injuries. The review is the final stage of her becoming an accredited Hand Therapist (BAHT). 
Sarah and Nicki have worked together for over twelve years in the NHS. They are currently working collaboratively in the development of  vocational services for patients with MSK conditions. Nicki and Sarah also work as case managers and have recently launched ‘Consultants in Therapy’, an Independent Occupational Therapy company focusing on the treatment of upper limb injures and conditions. 
Please visit their website or why not follow them on twitter @ConsultantsOT !

Wednesday 14th May 2014Refreshments from 5:30pmTalk begins at 6pm - 7:30pm
Robert Winston Building
Broomhall Road, Sheffield, S10 2BP
£2 for BAOT members/students
£3 for non-members

To book your place on this event, please email:
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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

SHOUT presents:
One off Special Event: 

Research from Sweden on OT assessment, models and outcomes  – what does it mean for practice?

An OT research team from Lund University presents recent findings with particular emphasis on their research within the field of mental health care.

With guest presenters:

Mona Eklund, Carina Tjörnstrand, Elisabeth Argentzell and Jenny Hultqvist

This is an additional date to the normal SHOUT programme as we have had the opportunity to hear from these well-established Swedish Researchers and Professors about their research on models from Sweden. They have kindly agreed to come and visit SHOUT.

Mona Ekland is currently Professor of Occupational Therapy at Lund University and heads a research network that focuses on daily occupations, health, and well-being in different populations. She has many published articles within Occupational Therapy Journals. See link:

Carina Tj√∂rnstrand, doctoral student. "I'm focusing on gaining knowledge about daily occupations for individuals with psychiatric disabilities,  teaching in Occupational therapy at Lunds University since Autumn 2002".

Elisabeth Argentzell  "My research interest is in mental health and occupational therapy with focus on people with severe mental illness and their experience of meaning and social interactions in everyday occupations.  I have been teaching occupational therapy at Lund University since Autumn 2004 and have also been teaching at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia during Spring 2005".

Jenny Hultqvist also based within Lund University with an interest in research and mental health.

Due to the caliber of the speakers, this event is going to be popular and tickets are available on a first come first served basis. Please email……. To ensure that you have reserved your place.

WHEN: 6-7.30
CHARGE: £3 Non BAOT/ £2 BAOT members and students.

Friday, 11 April 2014

for Clinicians and Students presents Becky Williamson with
"Innovation and Change"

This is an event not to be missed! For one special Tuesday night only, SHOUT brings you Becky Williamson speaking on innovation and change. This talk will give you perspective from a qualified Senior Neuro OT, speaking on hot topics within the current NHS climate.  

Becky has worked in many different clinical areas with older people,  children, neurological rehabilitation and stroke; and is now a Senior Neurological Occupational Therapist working in rehabilitation at Nottingham University Hospitals. 

Becky graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2008, where in her final year she travelled to South Africa studying the effects of HIV/AIDS on families with the University of Cape Town. 

Awarded the Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Scholarship 2012, Becky spent two months in America investigating the role of OT in early rehabilitation in Major Trauma Centres. She has presented her work to many audiences including the NUH Trust Board, NSpine Conference 2013 and BAOT Conference 2013. An inspiring role-model for students and new graduates, Becky will share her thoughts on leadership in the NHS. 

Becky will be presenting her scholarship experience and leadership journey at the 16th International Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists 2014 in Japan and BAOT Conference 2014 in Brighton.   

Refreshments from 5:30pm
Talk 6pm - 7:30pm
Where: Robert Winston Building
Broomhall Road, Sheffield, S10 2BP
£2 for BAOT members/students
£3 for non-members
email for tickets.

HOT OFF THE PRESS :  Look out for our additional date on TUESDAY MAY 6th with renowned researcher and professor of OT Mona Ekland and team from Sweden . Mona has written and contributed to many published journals and speaks in international settings. We look forward to welcoming her ..... 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

MARCH SHOUT- Privileged to Welcome former COT Education and Learning Head.

For the March SHOUT! on Wednesday 12th March, we welcome speaker Anna Camplin who is offering us insights into Leadership in Occupational Therapy.

Anna Camplin is currently Quality and Governance Director for Kate Meads Associates, leading on the development of a quality and governance framework for an independent occupational therapy practice.

Her previous role was Head of Education and Learning for the College of Occupational Therapists. In this role Anna provided the strategic lead for education and learning in the UK for all members of the professional body and managed the education and learning services provided by the college for members and stakeholders (including Accreditation, Endorsement, student services and CPD).

Other roles have included working as Education Development Manager for COT,  a senior lecturer at both Canterbury Christ Church and Coventry Universities and before that she worked clinically in a variety of settings.

Anna will be sharing her insights and expertise in leadership in Occupational Therapy from her extensive experience and it will be a really good opportunity for all students whom are looking to get into leadership, and practitioners looking to further their careers who may already be in leadership. 

For tickets to this event email :
As usual the event begins at 6pm in the Robert Winston Building with refreshments from 5.30

Monday, 3 February 2014

Wed 12th FEB – SHOUT:Focus on Learning Disabilities

For the February SHOUT! on WEDNESDAY 12th FEBRUARY, we welcome two speakers who are offering us new insights and perspectives on working with those who have Learning disabilities.

Whether you currently work with Service Users with Learning Disabilities, have an interest in working in this area, or simply want to find out about the role of an OT in this setting then this talk is for you!

Emma Stockdale

       The speakers come with diverse and varied experience of working in the field of Learning Disabilities, both prior to coming to Occupational Therapy, and in conjunction with their studies.  Emma Stockdale gained a degree in Music and subsequently used this to teach and facilitate workshops for those with Autism and learning disabilities. She is currently finishing her studies in OT alongside working as an OT assistant with adults with Autism, learning disabilities and Down syndrome and specialises in Rebound Therapy and the use of Intensive interaction to engage socially withdrawn service users.

Holly Fenton

To add a different dimension to the talk we also have another aspiring OT, Holly Fenton, whom has extensive years of experience as a support worker within the Health and Social Care Field; predominantly specialising in work with service users with complex needs and Autism. She pioneered an Occupational Therapy Assistant role when the company hired their first OT and has been trained in Makaton (language programme that uses signs and symbols) and Picture Exchange Communication. Further to this she has run therapy sessions within the setting on topics ranging from sensory interaction to cooking, and carved out and developed a careers pathway for individuals within the service.

Collectively Emma and Holly promise to give an interesting and

fresh insight into how to work as an OT in this area and will leave 

you feeling inspired about continuing/ beginning / looking  into a

 career within this field.

Look forward to seeing you there!
For tickets email