Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Gail Mountain at SHOUT tomorrow: Acute care for older people

Join us tomorrow night, Wednesday 23rd October, for our second event of the season "Acute care and older people" with Professor Gail Mountain.

Professor Mountain is Professor of Health Services Research (Assisted Living Research) at the University of Sheffield. She is the Director of the SMART Consortium and Principal Director of the KT-EQUAL Consortium which is engaged in the transfer of knowledge from research to benefit older and disabled people.

Professor Mountain is also an occupational therapist, practicing for 13 years before becoming involved in research. Her research interests, which reflect her occupational therapy background, are focused on improving the quality of life of older people through provision of appropriate interventions, good design and by facilitating participation.
To book your place at this popular event email shout.event@gmail.com and your place will be confirmed.

The talk will take place in the Robert Winston Building on Broomhall Road at our Collegiate Campus.
Registration and light refreshments are from 5.30pm in the reception/cafe, and the talk will start at 6pm and finish before 7.30pm.
Costs: £2 for students and BAOT members and £3 for non-members.

We hope to see you there!

And here's what we got up to last time with speaker Chris Mayers...

We had a fantastic evening with the wonderful Chris, and here is some of your feedback:

What did you think of the talk?

"Excellent and informative talk - Chris gave a full definition of spirituality and how it relates to OT"

"It was lovely to explore spirituality from a humanistic view rather than a religious one"

"It gave me hope that this sort of work can happen in OT"

"I learnt that it's important to be mindful of the client’s horizontal and vertical spirituality - different perspectives of spirituality"

"I studied philosophy of religion previously and found the link between spirituality and occupations. I found the definitions and assessment interesting"

What will you take into practice?

"I will think about my service user’s spirituality – remembering to discover what gives them a buzz!"

"The significance of quality of life – individual values. It is important to recognise a service user’s individual needs and the importance of assessing the significance of beliefs and values"

"The reference to the evidence base which identifies a correlation between meeting spiritual needs and better health"

"I will remember that the person has a spiritual core to acknowledge and will validate this as a ‘signpost’ to discovering their purposeful activities"

"Using questionnaires in practice – enabling my practice to be more client centres"

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